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The world now thinks in platforms.

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The world now thinks in platforms.

We expect a joined-up approach to the way we communicatework, buy goods, exercise and travel. Knowledge and information are commodities. Connectivity is what now empowers us. Five of the top 10 businesses in the world – Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon – exist to the consumer merely as platforms, as enablers, connectors.

A day in the life of each consumer is no longer a number of isolated experiences but a personalized ecosystem of preferences. Consumers care little about which brand or channel delivers an experience. Whatcounts are the joins and integrations connecting that experience to three others simultaneously in process.

What consumers care about is how fast they can access fully-connected information.

We care about plumbing. We want platforms. We detest disconnects. Digital dead-ends disqualify any previous goodwill. Exploiting platform-thinking requires a shift in perspective.

Businesses take heed.

The Toolkit

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